Why the Why

Two reasons connecting with your “why” will drive business success.

Why the Why

At the heart of my practice at Craft is helping entrepreneurs and organizations connect with the hearts of their work – the central purpose calling them to get up and do what they do every day. In other words, their “Why”. I do this work because it’s an incredible process to witness, and I am inspired and encouraged by my clients just about every day. But fundamentally, I do this work because it works. Here’s why:

1. Forge Stronger Emotional Connections with Potential Customers

In our action-obsessed culture, it can seem counterintuitive to spend time exploring such an often elusive and sometimes vague question before cutting our teeth on any communications roll-out strategies or plans. Our instinct often is to jump right to the “what” or “how” of our businesses for our marketing, but as Simon Sinek famously said, “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.” Taking time to clearly articulate the driving purpose behind your organization creates a guiding framework that allows you to communicate from a much more powerful place.

Now, instead of vying for people’s attention with facts and figures, you are appealing to their underlying belief systems, and creating the potential to connect with them on a deep emotional level. If you allow yourself to be boldly who you are, people will resonate. Not everyone of course, but the ones that do will be forging much stronger emotional bonds, and those are the kinds of customers that are loyal, drive referrals, and increase visibility.

2. Hone your Internal GPS

As Tony Robbins says, (thanks Allie Andrews!) success is 80% mindset, 20% strategy. This often overlooked benefit of getting clear on your “Why” is all about mindset. Without a doubt, how we talk about our work impacts the way we feel about our work. And these feelings are BOUND to come through in our work product and interactions large and small.

When we are clear on the central purpose getting us out of bed every morning, we are more confident in our work, and there is more room for joy, creativity and risk taking. When we are connected to the higher purpose behind our daily activities, every aspect feels less transactional because we are in service. But also, when we get clearer on the WHY behind our work, we are also able to better evaluate opportunities that either fuel that mission or distract from it.

So get to it! Carve out an hour to start brainstorming on why you are called to do the work you do, what’s the change you hope to make in the world and why is your work the way to make that change? Keep me posted how it goes! And if you get stuck, I’m always here to help, whether to walk along side you through the process or cheer you on and offer support as a coach. Email me to learn more:

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