At Craft we believe in the power of business as a force for good. We help entrepreneurs and organizations that share this belief cut through the clutter and find focus.

Back to Basics: The Importance of a Multi-Faceted Communications Strategy

Back to Basics: The Importance of a Multi-Faceted Communications Strategy

Are you feeling stuck in your marketing and communication efforts? Investing hours and hours (and hours) into the perfect sales page, website, social media content, or even newsletter, but feel like it is just disappearing into a void? It can be so discouraging to put this effort in and not have it yield the results you are after. More

Thinking Beyond Marketing

Thinking Beyond Marketing

As summer turns to fall on the coast of Maine, I find my body welcoming the cooler temps, even if my mind hasn't quite caught up yet. The changing leaves signal for me time to slow down a bit from summer's frenetic pace and reflect on the year that has passed so far and what I want to create in the months to come. More

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About Craft

Craft is a boutique communications practice run by Leah Hurley since 2009 with a focus on value-driven marketing and social impact. At the core of her approach is a belief in the power of being boldly who you are. She helps clients get clear on what matters to them and build tools and strategies to share that with the world. She offers an outside lens and takes a proactive approach to communications and marketing, helping clients get ahead of content opportunities and build processes and systems that integrate communications thinking into the fabric of their business.

Core Services Include:

  • Brand Messaging
    Helping organizations and entrepreneurs connect with the why at the heart of their work and build core brand messaging from that foundation.

  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
    Offering an outside lense on marketing and communications strategy development grounded in a values-based approach.

  • Editorial Content Strategy and Curation
    Building and managing systems for strategic content development for blogs, newsletters, and content marketing.

  • Communications Coaching
    Supporting entrepreneurs and leaders with thinking partnership, strategy and accountability to drive communications goals and accelerate impact.

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About Leah

Leah Hurley

Leah is a communications strategist and coach. As the founder of Craft, she works with entrepreneurs and organizations to amplify their impact through a marketing and communications lens. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs and artists on the coast of Maine, she brings a love for the intersection of creativity and commerce to all of her work. She believes that how we talk about what we do powerfully impacts the way we feel about what we do, and that communications is a crucial skill for any impact focused venture.

Leah holds a BS (Honors) from Babson College in Business Management and leverages the discipline of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® in her approach and outlook. She is a founding member of the Camden International Film Festival where she also served on the Board of Directors and as the Vice Chair, a member of the Board of Directors for the Restorative Justice Institute of Maine and is currently directing and co-producing the documentary film project Criminal.

She has appeared on Greenlight Maine as a judge and mentor, serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Women's Business Center at CEI, and has created content for DownEast Magazine, Maine Women's Magazine, NPR's Marketplace, and Documentary Magazine. Having returned to Maine after 8 years living and working in NYC, Leah swears by year-round outdoor adventures and believes strongly in the power of media to effect positive change.