Communicating with Power

Communicating with Power

The entrepreneurial journey can be exhausting and isolating, and communications can often become one more “thing” on a very long list of to dos. That's why I created a new program focused on bringing the joy back to communications.

At the urging of a friend and fellow entrepreneur, I am launching a Craft Mastermind: Communicating With Power. This group coaching program was created specifically for mission-driven female entrepreneurs in Maine, creating a space to learn and grow together. As a small group of women, we will meet once a month in Portland from January to June to dive into the world of values-based marketing. This is an approach focused on communicating from a place of feeling to drive impact, and one that is central to crafting powerful communications.

What does Communicating with Power look like? You are boldly, unabashedly yourself. You feel grounded in your voice and the uniqueness you offer to the world. You are communicating the deep why behind your work rather than the surface level what, and you are building lasting, emotional connections that drive impact. And, you are doing the work with joy and clarity.

This is a good fit for you if you are looking to:

  • Find clarity and focus in your voice and strategy
  • Carve out time to intentionally focus on communications and marketing
  • Grow through group support + accountability

What you'll walk away with:

  • Power in your voice
  • Ease and focus in execution
  • An understanding of values-based marketing and how it can be a tool for your business
  • 6-12 month communications plan and near term action plan

I am so excited to add this element to the coaching side of Craft, furthering my mission to amplify the work of change agents through access to best in class marketing techniques. And I'm specifically looking forward to May, where graphic design maven India Menninghaus will join us for a focused dive into the role design can play in elevating your business.

Details are in the pdf below and email or call (646.250.2935) to hold your spot or with any questions. If 1-on-1 coaching is more your thing, we're always happy to hear from you too. Thank you for all the ways you inspire me to keep growing and evolving. Here's to kicking off 2020 with a commitment to joy and standing strong in our power!

Download the PDF

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