Sharpening Session: Summer Marketing Activation

Sharpening Session: Summer Marketing Activation

Spring has finally arrived here in Maine, and the warmer air and blooms means the days are ticking down to the busy summer season that sustains so many of us here.

Have you been thinking about new ideas for outreach or sales this summer but not sure how or which to implement? Do you dread the marketing piece of your work altogether or get overwhelmed when you start thinking about what you “should” be doing? You are not alone! Running a small business requires juggling so many hats and responsibilities. It can be empowering and liberating, but it can also be stressful and isolating.

The spring we’re launching a Sharpening Session focused on Summer Marketing Activation to help small business owners get ahead of the summer rush and be fully prepared to make hay while the sun shines!

Sharpening Session: Summer Marketing Activation - $750

Borrow Leah as your CMO, and together you’ll review your existing marketing and communication plans for the summer months and identify ways to refine and amplify the strategy. She’ll offer an outside perspective and make recommendations to help to maximize the impact of your marketing time and dollars. It’s an opportunity to step back from the day-to-day operations of your business and think strategically about your marketing plans. You’ll leave with a clear approach and fresh perspective to guide your marketing activities.

What it includes:

  • Review of market presence (web, social, packaging/ signage as relevant) and existing marketing strategy (to be sent 1 week prior to meeting as roughly or organized as you have it, including resources available - time, talent, $ - goals, and tactics.)
  • 2 hour consultation with Leah to review and sharpen existing summer marketing plans.
  • Follow-up with notes of key action items and considerations from planning session.


  • Don’t want to put your plan down on paper? Add an additional hour download meeting to talk through your plans and Leah will capture them in a report-out. (+$250)
  • Need help updating or finalizing a press release as part of your strategy? Add time for Leah to review and edit your existing release. (+$250)

For more information or to get started, email Leah at

As a small business owner, I have marketing ideas that repeat and swirl in my head, but I have few trusted experts to help me corral them. Leah was targeted in her approach, helped me fine-tune my ideas, and totally crushed it with some new creative directions! Having her objective, knowledgeable, and fresh views put us way ahead. The process was completely energizing!

  Kristin Thalheimer Bingham Co-Owner Dean’s Sweets

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